PPD Obchodni, Ltd.

Your expert on pallet management

The PPD Obchodní, Ltd. is working in the field of pallet industry since 1999.

Our long-term strategy is to provide high quality services on the field of packaging industry. We cover whole area of Czech reublic running 13 deposites (Ostrava, Opava, Frýdek Místek, Hranice na Moravě, Svitavy, Břeclav, Praha, Chomutov, Karlovy Vary).


To our business partners we offer full range of pallet services – delivery, production, repairs, repurchase of spare sortiment, return of pallets to the pallet accounts all over Czech republic. Our main preferences when working with our partners are high level of quality, reliability and flexibility.

Our business partners are international companies as well as middle and small businesses from all around Czech republic.


  • EUR pallets new
  • EUR pallets used, light
  • EUR pallets used, dark
  • Standard pallets 120x80 cm
  • Atypical wooden pallets
  • CP1-CP9 pallets for chemical industry
  • Düsseldorf pallets
  • Folding pallet railing
  • Wooden transport boxes
  • Plastic pallets, food processing pallets H1
  • Plastic boxes
  • Steel boxes MARS
  • Gitterboxes
  • Other packaging according to customers demand

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We provide full-range of services from production to repurchase.

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